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4x4 Repairs

4x4 Diesel Engine Mechanical Repairs Townsville

Welcome to Ian Payne's Automotive 4x4/4wd diesel engine repairs. Love your 4x4? Looking for a quality mechanical workshop in Townsville established in 1984 to look after your 4wd diesel engine servicing, maintenance and common rail diesel performance needs? Then look no further we use only the best oils from Valvoline. Quality air filters! The performance we offer everything from 3-inch exhausts, performance brake rotors, diesel chips, ECU tunes and suspension its.

In the past, a mechanic would road test your vehicle. This practice carried many safety and insurance risks. Today our technicians can evaluate and repair your 4x4 vehicle using the aerospace science of the computerised dynamometer. The technician can duplicate that process repeatedly and from vehicle to vehicle. This guarantees results within a kilowatt of power and sets smoke emissions and fuel consumption at optimum levels.

To get the best out of any engine all the components need to work together. This means correct engine tuning.

Correct diesel tuning can only be performed with the right knowledge and the best equipment. At Ian Payne`s Automotive we combine both of these to create the ultimate diesel tune. Our secret? Old-fashioned wisdom plus new school technology.

We use the ear of a master with 30+ years experience. Oh, and a high-tech 4WD dynamometer with state of the art computer interface. Understanding diesel is one thing - tuning them for optimum power and economy is another.

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